About Us

Local Business. New Hampshire Values.

What We Do

We specialize in providing services to small businesses and micro-entrepreneurs!

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Founded in late 2009, 603 Media Group was the product of two very different - yet very compatible - personalities who decided to combine their talents with the goal of providing businesses and micro-entrepreneurs with a single source for professional marketing services. With many years of photojournalism experience on one hand and many years of commercial printing and professional business management on the other, it was a perfect match.

Today, 603 Media Group has built an impressive wealth of resources, knowledge, experience and services under one blanket organization. We are proud to call "The 603" our home and we look forward to serving whatever marketing, photography or professional services you may need!

Whether you are a fresh start-up, an entrenched business owner or somewhere in-between, we understand the struggles you face day-to-day in keeping ahead of your competition. That's why we're here! From website design to social media integration, professional photography to general marketing assistance, we put our skills to work for you so you can focus on the things that matter most to you.
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How We Do It

With great planning comes great results!

The Beginning (Meeting the Client)

Every great collaboration starts with a handshake (and maybe a cup of coffee!). We believe strongly in the power of making that first connection with each of our new clients.

Developing the General idea

Scratchpads, printer paper, computer screens, napkins...they've all been used to capture the essence of your idea. Now it's time to flesh out the details. That's where we come in! (We're good like that....)

Analyzing the Market

Unless your product or service is the only one of its kind around, we're gonna' need to do some homework. We'll figure out what your competition is up to, where the opportunities for capitalization are, and how we can best help you inject yourself into the market.

(de)Signed, Sealed & Delivered!

Once the building blocks of your project have been firmly established, we'll walk you through the concept, design, approval and final output stages that all lead to one thing - your awesome new marketing collateral!

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