Processing for Commercial Photography

Hiya’, folks! In today’s video, we cover some pretty easy methods for turning a bland photograph into something that really pops. Sometimes, the weather just refuses to take into consideration the fact that you have a big shoot scheduled. That beautiful sky and lighting that you were hoping to capture are as nonexistent as a teetotaler at Mardi Gras. But, if you can’t re-schedule your shoot, there are at least some skills you can bring into play to make your photographs look their best. The techniques covered in this video include:

1. Boosting tone and color ranges through selective use of Topaz Adjust plugin;
2. Working with layers and layer masks;
3. Sky replacement;
4. Adding headlights and marker lights to vehicles, and;
5. Adding lens flares for dramatic effect.

We hope you enjoy this video and learn a few tricks to help you improve your skills. Thanks for watching, from all of us at 603 Media Group and 603 Shoots!

It’s Alive!!!

Much like the mechanic who does so well fixing everybody else’s vehicles but never has time to work on his own, we have finally put some effort into our own digital presence….

Introducing the NEW 603 Media Group online experience! Featuring updated content, an all new photography portfolio powered by Zenfolio, integrated WordPress blog (hint: you’re reading it!), dynamic images and so much more, we are pleased to finally have a digital experience our clients can take confidence in.

So, what are you waiting for? Explore!