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Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photo Walk – October 11, 2014

MANCHESTER, NH – 603 Media Group is proud to announce that we will be leading the Manchester, New Hampshire, group of photographers out into the field for Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photo Walk 2014 on October 11th. Registration is FREE and open to photographers of ALL skill levels. Sign up, today!

We will start our walk in Arms Park and make our way into the city grabbing photos of landmarks and many hidden gems along the way. I know the city quite well and have done photo walks around it in the past but I also welcome participants to present ideas and possible routes in advance so that we can have the best experience possible.

Also, although I have planned this initially as an evening walk in order to best capture the lights and vibrant nightlife of the city, I am open to a change in the time if enough participants require such. Let’s have that discussion if needed….

Thanks for your interest and your participation and I look forward to meeting my fellow photographers in and around the greater Manchester region!

About the Author: is the Senior Marketing Strategist for 603 Media Group. Primarily tasked with the challenges of keeping our small business running, Jeremy also occasionally branches out into public speaking, blogging, website design and raising his son to not be another one of “those damn kids”.

Processing for Commercial Photography

Hiya’, folks! In today’s video, we cover some pretty easy methods for turning a bland photograph into something that really pops. Sometimes, the weather just refuses to take into consideration the fact that you have a big shoot scheduled. That beautiful sky and lighting that you were hoping to capture are as nonexistent as a teetotaler at Mardi Gras. But, if you can’t re-schedule your shoot, there are at least some skills you can bring into play to make your photographs look their best. The techniques covered in this video include:

1. Boosting tone and color ranges through selective use of Topaz Adjust plugin;
2. Working with layers and layer masks;
3. Sky replacement;
4. Adding headlights and marker lights to vehicles, and;
5. Adding lens flares for dramatic effect.

We hope you enjoy this video and learn a few tricks to help you improve your skills. Thanks for watching, from all of us at 603 Media Group and 603 Shoots!

Backstage Pass is a hit at the Currier Museum of Art!


Yesterday, I decided to surprise my partner in crime with a trip over to the Currier Museum of Art. See, the Currier is having a special exhibition this Autumn that showcases never-before-seen photos of pretty much every legend of rock and roll since Carl Perkins. Led Zeppelin, Jim Morrison, Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, REM, Arethra Franklin, Kris Kristofferson, The Byrds…the list goes on and on!

As photographers, we always love to look upon the work that inspires us. Jesse, in particular, is a really great concert photographer so I knew she would enjoy this display. I was right.

Featuring over 175 photos – most of them poster-sized -, this exhibit features out-takes from staged photo shoots, previously unused tour photos and many candid moments. Take for example a powerful photo of Kurt Cobain sitting against a tub sobbing his heart out over who knows what. Or David Bowie eating lunch in a diner in England. Or Iggy Pop seated in a chair under a framed painting of Jesus – who Iggy eerily resembles in the photo.

Several pictures of Debbie Harry (think Blondie) adorn the walls and reflect her relationships with various rockers over the years. Grace Jones looks out from one photo as powerful as ever while Courtney Love applies her make-up over a rundown bathroom’s sink in another photo. In yet another display, a young James Brown shows off his trademark split in one photo while, in another photo, a slightly older Brown plays a grand piano in a large room singing an obviously soulful tune.

I won’t even try to describe every great photo in this blog – there’s just too many and my words won’t do them justice. If you have some time to kill and you find yourself in the Manchester area between now and January 15, 2012, be sure to stop in to the Currier and take in this magnificent photographic journey through rock and roll history!


For 603 Media Group,
Jeremy Jones