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2014 Fight To Educate is Almost Here!

(Photo by: Jeremy Jones)

MANCHESTER, NH – The 13th annual Fight To Educate charity boxing event will be held Thursday, September 18th, at the Verizon Wireless Arena and 603 Media Group is proud to once again be covering the action!

Not familiar with the Fight To Educate? You should be! As described on the FTE website:

The Fight to Educate is a unique charity event that will be held on September 18th, 2014, at the Verizon Wireless Arena in downtown Manchester, NH. The event combines a love of sports with the vision of assisting children and the less fortunate. This concept of networking and marketing sports and charity together is a win-win situation for the athletes, the sponsors and most of all the children and the less fortunate benefited through our charities.

Pro boxing right here in Manchester and all to benefit a great cause? What’s not to love?!

This will be our fifth year covering this event right from the side of the ring. We’ve had the pleasure of capturing some stunning shots of both local and national boxers doing what they do best. Here’s a few samples from prior years as we look forward to this year’s line-up. For more boxing and mixed martial arts (MMA) photography, visit our portfolio!

Image of Danny O'Connor at Fight To Educate
Pro boxer Danny “Bhoi” O’Connor takes a jab at his opponent’s head during the 2013 Fight To Educate charity boxing event. (Jeremy Jones photo)
Image of Medina vs Acevedo at Fight To Educate
Pro boxers Jose Medina (white) and Anibel Acevedo (red) slug it out during the 2011 Fight To Educate. (Jeremy Jones photo)
Image of Amateur Boxers at Fight To Educate
Amateur boxing is also well represented each year at the Fight To Educate. (Jeremy Jones photo)
Image of Demetrius Andrade at Fight To Educate
Pro boxer Demtrius “Boo Boo” Andrade gets attention from a fan at the 2012 Fight To Educate. (Jeremy Jones photo)
Image of Christopher Duffley at Fight To Educate
Special Fight To Educate guest Christopher Duffley performs “Proud To Be An American” at the 2013 event. (Jeremy Jones photo)
Image of Demetrius Andrade at Fight To Educate
Pro boxer Demetrius “Boo Boo” Andrade delivers a gut shot to his opponent during the 2012 Fight To Educate. (Jeremy Jones photo)

We hope you’ve enjoyed this look back at the previous years’ events. We’re looking forward to covering the 2014 bouts and will share the results after the event!

About the Author: is the Senior Marketing Strategist for 603 Media Group. Primarily tasked with the challenges of keeping our small business running, Jeremy also occasionally branches out into public speaking, blogging, website design and raising his son to not be another one of “those damn kids”.

Front-row seat to a beat-down!!!

On January 27, 2012, 603 Media Group was hired to cover the Combat Zone 40 mixed martial arts event held at Rockingham Park in Salem, New Hampshire. What a great event! The crowd was pumped, the fighters were doing what they do best and Rock 101 afternoon DJ, tv host and all-around cool guy, Scorch, handled the master of ceremonies duties.

In my experience covering fight events, it is always a tough call to determine which lens I want to use. So many fight photographers in the amateur scene use a shorter lens that gives a very wide view of the environment with the fighters as more of a foot-note in the scene. I’m not particularly a fan of that approach. Generally, I prefer to use the 70-200mm so that I can get right in close on the fighters and make the viewer really FEEL the brutality of what they’re engaging in. When I do choose to use wide-angle, though, I like to go REALLY wide to give a more artistic and exciting look to the captures; this was the approach I brought to Combat Zone 40. Here are some samples of my low-close-and-wide approach:




Fight photography is something that I really love doing and I hope to be able to cover many more events in and around the greater New England area this year!