Juline and Matt

Jesse and I had an awesome engagement photo session today with a great young couple who hired us to shoot their wedding next year.  It is so much fun doing shoots with people who are fun, lively and clearly in love!

Since they are not from the area, they asked us to choose a location for the shoot and their only request was that it be outside.  I remembered a really scenic walking bridge I discovered by accident on the New Boston rail trail and thought that would be a perfect setting for their photos.  This is a photo that I took there earlier this year:

We are always a little nervous about outdoor shoots because you just never know how the weather is going to treat you but, wow, did the weather really come through for us today!  We shot in the late afternoon so the sun was at a perfect place in the sky to allow us to avoid the harsh lighting of noon-time.  The leaves were perfectly lit, the sky was clear and the mosquitoes gave us a break until nearly the end of the shoot.

Like many couples newly engaged, Juline and Matt had little experience doing couple photos in front of a lens.  With a little direction, though, they were able to loosen right up and really get into the spirit!  They were very playful, not afraid to show their affection for each other and were very clear with us that they wanted the photos to be more fun than formal.  To make their point, they even brought their Patriots jerseys for a few photos!

All in all, it was a great day and we look forward to shooting this wonderful couple’s wedding next year!

Juline says she is in love with Matt and that she WILL get him to the altar even if she has to drag him kicking and screaming!  We believe it!!!

Tomorrow, we’re off to Portsmouth to do a profile of local upscale gift shops for Gift Shop Magazine.  Looking forward to that one!!!

For 603 Media Group,
Jeremy Jones

Autumn is here!

Well, well, well….

Another summer season has flown swiftly by, the leaves are in full-on autumn regalia, Halloween is on everyone’s minds and the chill of October nights is reminding us of the winter that is soon to follow.

For us, October brings about another special event: the 2nd anniversary of the birth of 603 Media Group!

Starting a business is typically a long, slow and arduous journey.  I knew that when I first conceived the idea of all this.  But it seemed almost heretical to throw away the opportunity that was in front of me that Autumn in 2009….I was a couple short months into a new relationship with an amazing woman who I already knew was my soulmate despite our short time together.  She was a professional photographer recently unemployed when the newspaper she worked for as a photojournalist abruptly closed their doors for business.  Landing on her feet was something she seemed to excel at and, by the time I met her, she was already hip-deep in helping to create a new publication to help fill the void wrought by the disappeared newspaper.  I personally was no stranger to working behind the lens and our passion for the art quickly became a binding force between us.  It seemed inevitable – a joining of skills would accompany our joining of hearts….

So here we are, two full years later, and still hard at work building this business.  We suffered some major setbacks along the way due to the economy, we both were unemployed for an extensive amount of time due, also, to the economy, and we have found this process to be both frustrating and fulfilling all at once.  In spite of the difficulties and the hurdles, though, we have discovered two very important things:  One, we are madly in love with each other and, when we put our minds together, there is little that we cannot accomplish and, two, we are so proud to have the opportunity to live and work in this great state!  This business has brought us in contact with some of the most amazing, heartwarming and genuinely kind souls ever to walk the earth and we have made many great friends along the way.

Please continue to follow us on Facebook and check in on this blog from time-to-time for updates on what we are doing and where we are doing it!  Thanks so much for all of your support over the past two years – we could not have come this far without the backbone of encouragement provided by all of you!!!

For 603 Media Group,
Jeremy Jones