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James Foley Reportedly Beheaded in Iraq

(Photo by: Jonathan Pedneault)

Video footage released earlier today appears to show New Hampshire journalist James Foley – missing since being kidnapped by ISIS extremists in 2011 – being executed. According to his Wikipedia entry:

Foley was a native of Rochester, New Hampshire.[2] He graduated from Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism in 2008. [1]

He was captured in Syria in November of 2012, and was out of contact until August of 2014.

Although the National Security Council is, as of the time of this writing, attempting to verify the authenticity of the footage, it does appear genuine. This is yet another barbaric act of violence perpetrated on neutral journalists who put their lives in danger each and every day so that the world can see and hear the realities of global events. Unfortunately, the ISIS extremists are continuing to hold another journalist, Steven Sotloff, hostage. They claim his execution is pending a response from the Obama administration to their demands that the United States cease all military action in Iraq.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of James Foley tonight. We offer the same to the family and friends of Mr. Sotloff and we hope that his rescue or release can be effected very soon. We know that New Hampshire, the journalism community, and the civilized world at large stands strong with the families of these two brave men.

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